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Test Taking & Stress Reducing Advice

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Checking Accounts

A checking account is money kept in a bank that can be taken out using a check or ATM card. 


Keeping track of money

Having a checking account is only the beginning to better money management. You need to keep track of your checks, deposits and cash withdrawals.

Setting up a Budget

A budget is a plan for saving and spending money.


What is Credit?

There are 3 general fees that credit companies will charge annual fee, intrest, and late fee. 

How Credit works

Credit reports are requested every time you apply for any type of credit or loans. People who miss payments or pay bills late receive bad credit scores in these reports.

Buying a car

Before buying a car, do some research on the make (Honda, Toyota, etc.) and model (Civic, Camry) tosee if the car has a good history and is worth the price.  Click here to see video 1

Your rights when renting an apartment

Knowing your rights as a tenant and knowing what the landlord has a right to expect from you is one of the best ways to avoid a possible dispute

How to avoid evictions

Remember that you are not the owner of the apartment or studio and there are rules you need to follow.

Looking for Apt and Leases

You need to think about the location of your new place. You might want to live near your school, friends, work, relatives or the bus stop.

Sample rental leases

Rental agreement 

How to check apartment (checklist)

Before you agree to rent an apartment you should check everything inside. 

To buy list when moving to an apartment

Care Package Suggested Items

How to get apartment you want (interview)

Apartment hunting is very much like interviewing for a job. You are basically competing against other people (older probably) for the same place

Buying a car II

Car purchase checklist 

Identity Thief

 "Identity theft" describes when someone uses your personal information to apply for credit or to buy things under your name.

Nutrition and Health

Shopping on a Budget

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