"Making a difference in the lives of local foster youth"


Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Programs Project ACE and Project Rising Stars are a non-profit organization that were created to serve as a safety net for current or former foster youth to aid their transitions to adulthood and guide them towards higher education.


Working together to promote mental, behavioral, and emotional wellness for foster youth through education, support, advocacy, and fun!

Contact Information

Project ACE

Luis Torres, Program Manager

(760) 337-5079


Estela Diaz, Case Manager

(760) 337-5081

Lucerito Tirado, DS

(760) 337-3096

Project Rising Stars

Frida Macedo, YDS

(760) 337-3096

Aurora Suarez, YDS

(760) 337-3096

Betsy Pino, Youth Advocate

(760) 337-3096

Call our office or email us!

(760) 337-3096

IVROP Project ACE •2995 S. 4th Street, Suite 102• El Centro, CA • (760) 337-3096

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